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From Far Away, Vol. 4 - Kyoko Hikawa First of all, I would like to thank Ms. Rachael Wade for giving me a free copy of her ebook. Thank you very much!It's been a while since I read a vampire story that caught my attention in a positive way. Camille, the main character, is a girl who is running away from an abusive relationship in order to start a new life. And that's when she meets Gavin Deveraux.What I liked the most about Amaranth is that it portrays a sweet relationship between a human and a vampire, which is far from the abusive and dramatic relationships that I've read lately. Also, there's the fact that Camille is a strong woman, who is able to realize when she is in the wrong path (an abusive boyfriend) to improve her life.Another point to consider is the division existent between the vampires, those who served the queen Samira and those who belonged to the resistance. The concept of a city for the exiled (those who choose to become mortal again) hidden in the realm of the vampires is also very interesting! For me, at least, is something new.The main problem I had with the story is that I can't recall a physical description for Camille, so I kept picturing her as Ms. Wade's profile picture on Goodreads xD!