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Made Up - Emma  Jackson For this review, I'll try to be as honest as possible. I knew Emma from before she published her book and, well... you know it's hard to 100% sincere when you already know the people :)That being said, here we go...I really enjoyed this book. The genre is not what I usually read, but it was a totally refreshing read after one month of medieval literature. I loved Emma's ability to write and convey feelings. It is so simple, yet moving. She doesn't tell you stuff, she shows you, and you end up wanting MOAR!!The plot follows the adventures of Kat, who is trying to start again. Leave the past behind and recover herself from the nightmare of being in a abusive relationship. I love her strenght and I could easily relate to her. The romantic bit is a little bit predictable,but the way in which the author describes all of Kat's struggles is quite convincing. I mean, the man was famous! Of course she was scared! Anyone might start thinking and becoming paranoid about his past if one were in her place! I had two problems with the book: one, I tried to imagine him, but was not able to picture Owen in my head. He was just a blurry handsome man; and two, some commas were missing (this might be stupid, but I like commas in their places... yeah, even if my own writing sucks xD).The last thing to say is... well done, Emma!!! :D