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Leaves of Grass - Walt Whitman Yes. I know. I ranted a lot about this book and now I rate it 4 star. Funny, huh?Despite the initial conflicts I had with Malory, after the first six book I started to enjoy it! Now that I finished, I can say honestly that I really liked it. It is my first not-modern Arthurian Legend and I am not disappointed! Huzzah!One thing to warn you: Malory's writing skills tend to be a little bit tedious if you are not used to the medieval style. For further reference, check the chapters regarding the battle between Arthur and the rebel kings. Ugh! (this was by far the worst part of the book, IMO, mainly because it contained three or four chapters of "yet more of the same battle" XD.And everything is more fun when Morgan le Fay appears to bring chaos!