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Beyond (Afterlife,#1) - Willow Rose As this is supposedly a children’s book, I read it with the mentality of a child –or at least with my bitter nine-year-old self’s mentality- but it was not enough. I tried hard, but I didn’t like this book... I just couldn’t.The first thing that failed for me was the beginning. I found myself receiving a lot of information about the world that I considered unnecessary for the beginning of a story. It would have been more interesting if we started directly with Meghan in the boat, and the readers discover this information with her, as the story passes.The second thing that failed for me was the writing. I was told that English was the author’s second language, so I really shouldn’t be complaining about this; especially if we consider that it’s my second language too! However, the storytelling was so simple, that it made me bored. The descriptions of places and people were quite plain, the characters didn’t have much depth (including the main character!), and what was supposed to be action scenes were unable to get me involved in the story and the character0s feelings. To put an example, the romantic scenes seemed forced and superficial; as readers we didn’t have the chance to see much of the relationship between the characters and their backgrounds to feel truly excited about the prospect of a kiss.The third thing that bothered me was how this world was constructed. The Christian elements are not a problem since I’m a Christian (sort of...) and the ideal concept of the Christian heaven is not unknown to me, even though I don’t agree with it at a 100%. Nevertheless, I expected to see some fresh twist to it, some unique view that would make things a little bit more interesting... but it’s just the typical paradise, with the typical heaven vs. hell, good vs. evil fights. The only novelty was the Academy, which wasn’t original at all. It felt like Harry Potter version dead people and with angels.I liked Mick, though. He was nice, supportive, old-fashioned and had a British accent. And he cooks. Excuse me, he’s mine.